Monday, July 7, 2008

Liszt's Dance

I am happy to announce that a five-minute clip for the film "Liszt's Dance with the Devil" is now on YouTube. I shall welcome your input, remarks or questions.

This is my second film, a continuation of the first entitled "Chopin's Afterlife".

If you are wondering why a concert pianist of three decades has turned into a film-maker, let me begin by saying that in film I found new ways of elaborating on ideas present in my music-making until now; film is ideal for summing-up, for making connections, for finding relationships and revealing something new about a subject dear to our heart.

We are interpreters and interpretation, be it of a genius or a masterpiece is never exhausted.
I just saw the documentary on sculptor Louise Bourgeois in which she says: "I do, I undo, I redo".

Please also see on YouTube a Sicilian artist from my first film speaking in the same spirit in a segment: "Installing Chopin in the 21st century".


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