Monday, April 25, 2011

The Liszt year -- 2011

Hear, Hear, 2011 is the Liszt Year!
Born in October 1811 -- Franz Liszt Bicentennial is now celebrated the world over.

My film: Liszt's Dance with the Devil had its first screening in New York City, March 24th, at the Hungarian Consulate, followed by an International Conference at Columbia University, entitled Franz Liszt and the Birth of Modern Europe.
"Liszt's Dance with the Devil" will be shown in July as part of: "Liszt's Legacies", in Carlton, Ottawa, "The Paris Chopin Festival", MTAC Conference in Oakland, Ca., and Budapest's Bicentennial celebration,"Liszt and the Arts".

What started as a wish to share my Liszt experience as a performing pianist became a road of discoveries with the wonderful participants who came on board. We all hope this year will be a beginning of different listening to, and a deeper understanding of Franz Liszt.

Here are some tributes:

"I consider Ophra Yerushalmi's Liszt documentary mandatory viewing for Lisztians everywhere. Ms. Yerushalmi makes outstanding use of musical examples both familiar and unfamiliar, and includes interviews with several international experts".-- Michael Saffle, Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech

"I find your film remarkable. It is interesting, poetic and really original". -- Maria Eckhardt, Curator of the Liszt Memorial Museum, Budapest

"Beautifully filmed with virtuoso pianists in a way I have rarely seen documentaries capture music on camera". -- Gaylen Ross, Award-winning filmmaker (Killing Kasztner)

"Loved the many wonderful hands at keyboards -- all sizes and shapes, genders, colors, all extremely competent, some real virtuosity from people I had not encountered before. And of course Liszt's hands, in the fabulous Budapest statue". -- Richard Taruskin, Author of the Oxford History of the Western Music